Mesotherapy vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and some mixture of drugs brought into the fatty tissue under the skin or injected into the işlemidir.Bu thus reached quickly to the desired location, and would increase efficiency.

Mesotherapy applied in many areas, 1950 in France also developed and 1980s, the French Academy of Medicine percent of medical uygulamadır.b is accepted by mesotherapy be seen as a new form of treatment gerekir.çünk new treatments yet the year görülebilir.oys to mesotherapy as an experimental study can not prove events since it is a treatment method used safely.

Mesotherapy in the treatment of hair loss with most being used in many areas of medical aesthetics, slimming, cellulite treatment, for the relief of pain and regional Mezolifting.

The number of sessions vary according to the event uygulanır.duru Mesotherapy sessions.