FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction), the latest hair transplantation techniques applied in the world and Turkey Follicular Unit Extraction namely FUE method, the individual receiving the micromotor help of healthy hair follicles in the donor area and thinned or is completely ensuring the transfer of the cast process.

hairtimeistanbul Hair Transplant Center is one of the points that most of our attention in this process is to use a scalpel sağlanmasıdır.b method of obtaining natural results when the donor area, there is no any trace of sewing is being discarded. In our center, planting up to 7000 grafts that 21,000 hairs in a single session yapılabilmektedir.fakat not the high number of grafts that are important, that the number of grafts needed by patients, hair thickness and planting yapılmasıdır.zir in some cases, depending on the competence of the donor area sown 3500-4000 grafts, circulatory when related distress experienced can give much better results from a 6000 graft has sown patients. HAIRTIMEISTANBUL is working with the patient to the correct understanding of the process and natural results.

There are three key points of the Fue Hair Transplant. Made of damaging the roots of the process, not the result of natural and surely by the hospital environment and experienced specialist is required in proper conditions. Because hair transplantation results are permanent.