Biofibre Hair Implant

To possessing bushy and healthy hair is one of the most important issues of women and men for thousand of years. Nowadays it is possible to have desired appearance for people who suffer hair loss because of the progress of age, diseases, hormonal problems, chemical treatments, accidents and burns.

It is possible to eliminate baldness by planting fibers, which is called Biofibre on the scalp in a short time. Biofibre is produced biologically compatible with the skin in a laboratory environment.

It is possible for people who don’t have any hair, who has less hair or who wants to have bushy hair to benefit from this method of transplantation. Biofibers will be planted on the haired scalp by very simple and short method.

Nowadays it is possible to change the hairless scalp to a bushy hair by planting required quantity or density biofibers.

What is the implant procedure?

Firstly in practice the fibers determined which is suitable with the hair color of the person. After a test session with this person, it is needed to wait for 14-30 days. After observing the suitability of the biofibers with the person the date of transplantation will be selected. The biofibers, which are prepared in a sterile environment under medical conditions, will be planted on the hairless scalp by specialist doctor. In this way by planting biofibers, the person achieves the desired aesthetic and hairy appearance.

What is the success rate?

There are a lot of researches which shows the success of biofibre. Biofibre method is applied on 196 people and had been followed for two years. During this period no problems was observed in 86 percent of the people. There is a mild infection has been found in 11 percent of the people and in 1,53 percent of the people there has been found twisted biofibers because of implantation mistake and these biofibers are removed. There is a reaction observed in 1,02% of the people and therefore biofibers are removed.

Specifications of biofibre hair implant

Biofibre is a method, which is performed by educated specialist doctors. The doctor will give the detailed information about this method. This method is absolutely not comparable with extension hair. Each hair fiber will be planted one by one under the scalp and therefore not distinguishable from the own hair of the person.This method provides very natural appearance according to the taste of the person. Biofibre is not only possible on the hairless scalp but it is also possible to apply this method on a scalp, which has been hairless because of injuries or burns. Biofibre implant method is available in 13 standard colors. It is possible to wash and dry biofibers like real hair and optionally it is produced straight, wavy of curly.