HairTimeİstanbul which serves since it established in 2003 is a hair transplantation center. HairTimeİstanbul also works with professional specialists. Our specialists are responsible for professional hair transplantation and they use the FUE technique which is the latest hair transplantation technology.

We provide you to take advantage of experience of our expert staff at all-time high for increasing the success in the hair transplantation and maximizing the patient’s satisfaction. We provide services from our appointment system, which is not exceeding the daily capacity, and opration to accommodation by the virtue of our corporate culture aiming for giving a VIP service.

Our difference and advantages for our foreign patients

HairTimeİstanbul is not an intermediary institution. It is a hair transplantation center which works with specialists proved themselves by international references.

By this means, you take advantage of best possible prices offers for the hair transplantation in high quality.

We provide guidance service in Dutch, English and Arabic for our patient during the operation and organization.

Our team has power to transplant grafts between 1000 and 7000 (21,000 hair bulbs).

Our patients are accommodated in the safety and comfortable hotel. At the hotel, there are S.O.S buttons that you will use for emergency health and security.

If you stay for 3 days, your medical dressing and first washings after the operation will be carried out by our medical personal.

Our hotel and hospital is located 30 minutes away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Our patient take health support such as after and before examination, test and controls from hospitals and doctors in Europe and Middle Eastern that we are working cooperate with them. You can take directly appointment from our specialists in hospitals where they visit every month.

We provide welcoming and transferring services.appointment from our specialists in hospitals where they visit every month.

We provide the medicines that you will use after the operation.

While giving a FUE CERTIFICATE for amount of transplanted grafts, all of your rights are under guarantee.